Sharing Photos

What You Can Do

You can create photo albums and upload pictures to them that everyone in your scouting unit will enjoy.

How to Get There

Photo albums are managed under the Share badge and are accessible through the menu powerbar.

How to Do It

To upload pictures to TroopTrack, Click on the Share Badge, then select the Photo Albums option as shown below:

The following screen will appear:

You will then see a screen that asks for a Photo album name and date it was added/taken.  Fill it in and click on Create New Album. Now you will see a big, empty drag-and-drop file box.

If you've never used a drag-and-drop file upload before, the next step might be a bit confusing the first time you try it.  A drop box is a place you can just drag photos to and drop them to start an upload. To make it work, just find the photos you want to upload on your computer and drag them into the drop box, either one at a time or up to fifty at once. Here's an annotated screenshot to help demonstrate what I mean:

Once you drop the files, the upload will start - you can see the progress as it uploads.  When it's finished it will show a green checkmark on the photo.

You can peruse your photo albums by clicking on the share badge and then choosing the Photo Albums option in the drop down menu box.