Creating a Custom Award

What You Can Do

You can create custom awards just for your troop or pack that you can award to any member of your unit. This is a great way to help your scouting unit develop it's own unique sense of personality and to encourage participation.

If you find yourself using the custom awards feature to create officially recognized awards that are missing from TroopTrack, please open a support ticket instead and we will add the awards ASAP.

How to Get There

To Create a Custom Award, you will need to go through the Manage Badge, then Select Settings from the drop down menu box, then finally Create a Custom Award option as shown below:

How It Works

Once you click "Create a Custom Award", you will see this screen:

Fill out the form and click "Save". Once the form is saved, you will be able to proceed to the next step, entering the individual requirements, like this:

Save the award and click "About Your Troop" again. You will now see the award you created under your list of custom awards. Return here to add other awards.

Using a Custom Award

Custom awards work just like any other award. You can add them using the "Record Progress" workflow, as shown below: