Information for Parents

General Information about Cub Scouts:
  • Cub Scout Parent Information Guide (link)
  • What Is Cub Scouting? (link)
  • Cub Scout Resource (link)
Patriot's Path Council:
  • Adventures of Cub Scouting: Parent/Guardian Orientation (link)
  • Youth Application (contact cub master)
  • Talent Release Form (link)
  • Pack 69 Code of Conduct (link)
  • All youth and adult volunteers should wear uniforms to all events. There are 2 types of uniforms:
    • Field Uniform (aka: Class-A)
      • Cub scout short sleeve shirt
      • Cub scout belt
      • Cub scout pants (optional)
      • Cap (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos)
      • Neckerchief (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos)
      • Neckerchief slide (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos)
      • Insignia/patches
        • World scout crest emblem
        • Council patch
        • Unit number "69"
      • See how the uniform looks at
      • Another resource and price estimates:
      • Where to place patches can be seen on the Uniform Inspection Sheet (link) and no we do not have inspections
    • Activity Uniform (aka: Class-B)
      • Wearing any scouting related T-Shirt and proper attire for the activity. This includes, for example, wearing Class-B to school the day of a pack meeting
      • A scout joining the pack gets a Pack T-Shirt. As the scout grows, he can receive a new T-Shirt for each year.
  • Shopping: The scout store is in the Council Office (link) other outdoor stores may have uniforms, such as Ramsey Outdoor.
  • Uniform Swap: At the Summer Picnic, Pack 69 has a uniform swap where uniforms, caps, neckerchiefs may be found.
  • What not to buy. These items are provided by the pack, parents should not purchase the following:
    • Handbooks. The pack supplies the Handbook each year. 
    • Achievements.  All achievements from belt loops, beads, and pins will be provided by the pack.  The only exception is with belt loops earned outside of den/pack activities.  The scout may still be awarded the belt loop, but the parents will be asked to provide or pay for the belt loop.