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Bugling Merit Badge (Boy Scouts)

  • 1: Give a brief history of the bugle.
  • 2: Do the following:
    a. Explain and demonstrate how the bugle makes sound, and explain how the bugle is related to other brass wind instruments.
    b. Compose a bugle call for your troop or patrol to signal a common group activity, such as assembling for mealtime or striking a campsite.
  • 3: Sound the following bugle calls: "First call", "Reveille", "Assembly", "Mess", "Drill", "Fatigue", "Officers", "Recall", "Church", "Swimming", "Fire", "Retreat", "To the Colors", "Call to Quarters", and "Taps"
  • 4: Explain when each of the calls in requirement 3 is used.
  • 5: Explain how to care for, clean, and maintain a bugle.
  • 6: Serve as bugler in your troop for three months.