Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What browsers do you support?

The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are officially supported. Most moder browsers automatically update themselves, so it is now super easy to stay on the most current version.

Q: What browsers do you RECOMMEND?

Google Chrome, hands down. It's fast, free, and updates itself automatically. It also has the broadest support for the HTML 5 features in use on TroopTrack.

Q: Why don't you support older browsers?

The internet is constantly changing and getting more and more advanced. Providing support for older browsers adds to the cost of developing and maintaining TroopTrack. For example, it would cost roughly 80 hours per year to support AOL's custom browser, or to make all TroopTrack features work on Internet Explorer 8. It's not economical to support them and I think we'd all rather that 80 hours was spent adding new features, answering questions, and fixing bugs than making TroopTrack work on an easily-replaceable out-of-date browser like AOL that is only used by 5 customers.

Q: Can I attach documents when I use the mailing lists?

Yes, but we are currently having trouble with attachments on emails from some email programs. In some cases, the attachments are lost if you are sending the emails using an email program like Microsoft Outlook. The most reliable way to send emails with attachments is via the quick message feature.

Q: What's the difference between awarded and recognized?

Awarded means that you have physically given the award to the youth (i.e. you handed them the badge). Recognized means you have clapped for them. This usually happens at the same time, but not always. Some awards, like beads and merit badges, are meant to be handed out as soon as they are complete, but we still want to recognize them at a meeting.

Q: Should I put the parents in the same den/patrol/unit as their children?

No. We recommend you leave the parents in unassigned and turn on the "Copy parents on all youth emails" setting.  This way they will get any emails that are sent to any group their son or daughter is in but you don't have to keep them together in the den (which won't work anyway if they have more than one child in your troop or pack).

See Organizing Families for more information about setting up families.

Q: Should I enter the parent's email address in the youth's demographic information?

It doesn't hurt, but in some cases they may get duplicate emails from TroopTrack. It's a lot better to just turn on the setting mentioned above.