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Going Batty (Council Own) (Girl Scout Troop)

Bats have a bad reputation, but are actually very helpful creatures. A single bat can eat
600 mosquitoes in an hour! Girls will learn about how bats “see” and what bats eat. Girls
will also investigate the myths and realities of bats and their relationship with people.

  • 1 Read a book about bats. Two age-appropriate possibilities are Amazing Bats, by Seymour Simon and Bats, a Scholastic Science Reader.
  • 2 Invite someone knowledgeable about bats to a troop meeting. What are some species of bats that live in your area? Are there any species of bats that are on the endangered species list?
  • 3 All of the bats that live in Illinois have a special hearing system called echolocation. Try to imagine what it would be like to find your way to your room only by listening to your voice bounce off the walls. Play a game that uses echolocation like
  • 4 Draw and label a detailed picture of a bat. Make sure you label the ears, wings and claws of the bat.
  • 5 How are bats helpful to people? Find out what bats in your area eat and tell someone about it
  • 6 Find out about bat houses. Ask an adult to help you build and/or set up a bat house. How is a bat house like your house? Place in an appropriate location.
  • 7 Find out about some of the myths associated with bats (vampires, etc.). How did they come about? Make up your own myth that stars bats as the good guys
  • 8 Learn about rabies and how it relates to bats. Make up a list of rules for safely viewing bats in the wild.
  • 9 Make a poster describing bats as good neighbors. Include on your poster how we can be great neighbors to bats!