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Building Bridges Try-It (Council Own) (Girl Scout Troop)

The Mississippi River region is a showcase of bridges. The construction of bridges
has played a vital role in the economy and development of the area, as well as in
westward expansion. Girls will learn about the different types of bridges and their
uses, civil engineering and construction, and design. Girls will also explore the
actual construction of a bridge.

  • 1. Learn about the four basic types of bridges. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  • 2 Visit the Clark Bridge in Alton. OR view the PBS Nova documentary, “Super Bridge”, about its construction. Note: If you do both parts of this requirement, you may count it as two requirements.
  • 3 Take a walk or bike ride across the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the bridge deck and watch for birds – in the winter eagles are plentiful.
  • 4 Identify five area bridges by type. Find pictures of at least five additional bridges and classify them by type.
  • 5 Invite someone knowledgeable about civil engineering to a troop meeting.
  • 6 Discuss the impact of bridges on transportation and the environment and what steps are taken to insure a new bridge will be built in a most needed area with as little impact as possible on the environment and natural habitats.
  • 7 List five careers which are related to the bridge-building industry and education or experience these careers require.
  • 8 Learn what kinds of safety equipment are worn when working at a bridge building site
  • 9 Learn about labor unions and their role in the past and on the present bridge building industry.
  • 10 Build a bridge out of toothpicks, craft sticks or drinking straws. How much weight will it support?