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Special Agent (Girl Scout Troop)

Special Agents have skills of all kinds. Get ready to put those skills to the test and investigate.

  • 1. Investigate Investigation What makes solving a mystery so much fun? Maybe this step will help you figure out why. Do one: a. Organize a CSI night for your group, friends or family b. Host an Identity Crisis party c. Play Jane Bond
  • 2. Reveal Reality Search for the myths and realities of forensics (the science of investigation) Do one: a. Interview someone in forensics b. Try the eyewitness challenge c. Make some impressions
  • 3. Try the Science Forensic science uses all different types of science. Use one of these types of science and learn how it could be used in forensics. Do one: a. Forensic chemistry b. Forensic physics c. Forensic biology
  • 4. Key into body language How do you think that detectives can do investigations without letting their feelings get in the way? How do they read others' body language? Do one: a. find out about "tells" b. Research body language c. Check out voice analysis
  • 5. Practice the art of detection Forensics does not always involve just using science. Careers like forensic photographer, artist or sculptor are helpful too. Do one: a. Write a scene or script for your own forensic-science drama b. Sketch or sculpt a "suspect" or photograph a "crime scene" c. Create or re-create a spy scenario and design a disguise