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Digital Movie Maker (Girl Scout Troop)

Movies don’t just tell stories they show them. Show the world your story, what is important to you. How you see things whether it be an take action topic or a girls having fun topic, it’s your turn to say “Lights, camera, action!”

  • 1. Learn digital video basics Filming is more than just pointing and shooting. Learn to keep things in place and steady. Do one: a. Find a local expert to learn filming basics. b. Sign up for a class c. Teach yourself
  • 2. Film. Then film some more Getting good takes practice. Time to experiment,with different angles, shots and camera options. Do one: a. Make a video of a sporting event. b. Make a video of a celebration. c. Make a video of a day in your life.
  • 3. Pick the perfect subject Time to chose what to do for your 5 minute movie. Whether a documentary or a comedy you chose and show your style. Do one: a. Share a scene from a book in the public domain b. Share a cause. c. Share a family story
  • 4. Action Time to get filming. Make sure to get everything in order and you make a list of everything, who, what, when and where. a. Work solo b. Work with friends c. Work with a mentor
  • 5. Edit and premiere your movie Time to put it all together. Putting clips together, and adding your sound or effects. Then it's show time. a. Add a sound track b. Add a title and credits c. Add translation. Now, how can you serve with what you've learned?