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Skating (Council Own) (Girl Scout Troop)

Girl Scouts of Northern California
Skating has been recognized by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and the American Heart Association as one of the best aerobic activities. Skating also helps to develop motor
and listening skills, while providing opportunities for social interaction. The purpose of this badge is
to learn how to be a good roller or ice skater. Have fun skating!!

Complete 4 of the following activities.
All members of Girl Scouts of the USA are eligible to earn the Skating Try-It.

  • * 1. Try the proper method to start and stop.
  • * 2. Try to skate forward with correct posture.
  • * 3. Try to skate backwards
  • * 4. Try to skate around corners to the left and to the right.
  • 5. Skate to a musical beat.
  • 6. Play one skating game
  • 7. Perform a skating “trick” (shoot the duck, spin, or a jump).
  • 8. Demonstrate knowledge of safety tips, including the selection and care of skates.
  • 9. Learn warm-up and strengthening exercises of the muscles necessary for skating
  • 10. View advanced forms of skating – write one page on what it takes to excel at a sport.