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Geocashing (Council Own) (Girl Scout Troop)

Girl Scouts of Erie Shores
To earn this Try-It, you must complete at least 4 of the following activities

Purpose: To increase one’s knowledge and nderstanding of geocaching (high tech treasure hunting)! Please note, you will need a GPS receiver to complete this Interest Project. Many late model cell phones have GPS receivers in them

  • 1 *Learn what GPS stands for. Why do you think GPS was invented?
  • 2 Latitudes and longitudes are big words, but they are very important for GPS units. One goes around the world east to west, and the other goes around the world north to south. Find out which is which!
  • 3 Geocaching is a relatively new “sport” that uses GPS receivers. Learn what geocaching is and why it is so much fun!
  • 4 With an adult, visit or to identify a cache you would like to find and go on a high tech treasure hunt! Be sure to follow all local and Girl Scout safety standards
  • 5 Visit or to learn more about geocaching. With an adult, create a screen name for your troop/group so you can explore different caches in your area. Find out how many caches are within a 25-mile radius of your troop’s meeting spot.
  • 6 Pretend that you were going to make a cache for a Girl Scout from another country to find. Where would you hide it? What would you put in it? Write a letter to the Girl Scout so she knows why you included each item.