Find a Troop Cadette Journey Awards

aMAZE! - Interact (Girl Scout Troop)

The Interact Award signifies that girls can advance peace in the world around them—one interaction at a time. To earn it, girls must complete THREE of the nine Interact Challenges—though they can do as many challenges as they like! These challenges invite the Cadettes to try small—and positive—new ways of interacting in their daily lives.

  • 1 Call an old friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Tell her why you miss her and hope to reconnect. Encourage her to do the same with one of her old friends.
  • 2 Design your own note cards and surprise three friends with them, telling them a few of the specific qualities you enjoy about them and your friendship. Encourage your friends to pass the gesture forward.
  • 3 Identify a stereotype used in portraying a character on a TV show you and your friends watch. Think about who the stereotype hurts and then find a way to start a conversation with your friends about this stereotype and why you think the show is wrong to use it. Does it trouble you enough to boycott the show for a week or two - or forever? Get your friends to join in with you.
  • 4 Reach out and talk with someone you don't usually talk with much. Ask questions and really listen to the answers. Try to clear your head of any first impressions. At the same time make a good impression yourself. Encourage your friends to do the same.
  • 5 Choose a movie that features cliques and host a viewing night with friends. Discuss how the cliques resemble (or not) those you know at school. See if you can think of even one small thing to do to try to shift a real-life dynamic you dislike and get your friends to do the same. (Movies to consider: Mean Girls, Clueless, Heathers, Jawbreaker, Bratz)
  • 6 Going out - invite someone who's not normally part of your group. Ask any other friends with you to help make her feel included. Then encourage them to "pass it forward" by being one of the next to widen your circle.
  • 7 Promise to have a "no gossip" week - for one full week, do not listen to or spread any rumors, gossip, or "mean talk". Think about making "no gossip" a way of life. Jot down when you thought of some gossip but didn't spread it. Get your friends to do the same. Encourage them to "pass it forward".
  • 8 Get direct. A friend hurt your feelings. Instead of telling her (or him) directly, your urge is to vent to a few other friends. Stop the urge. Speak directly to the person who hurt your feelings. Encourage your friends to do the same: get them to "pass it forward".
  • 9 Create your own antibullying message and add it to the signature line of your emails (or add it to your voicemail greeting or hang it in your locker or somewhere else where others can see it). Example: "Just kidding just hurts". Get your friends to pass it forward.