Find a Pack Bear Cub Elective

Let's Go Camping (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

  • a Learn about the ten essential items you need for a hike or campout. Assemble your own kit of essential items. Explain why each item is 'essential.'
  • b Go on a short hike with your den, following the buddy system. Explain how the buddy system works and why it is important to you to follow it. Tell what to do if you are lost.
  • c Participate with your den in front of the pack at a campfire.
  • d Participate with your pack on an overnight campout. Help put up your tent and hlp set up the campsite.
  • e Participate with your den in a religious service during an overnight campout or other Cub Scouting event.
  • f Attend day camp in your area.
  • g attend resident camp in your area.
  • h Earn the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Award.