Find a Pack Bear Cub Elective

Weather (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

  • a Learn how to read an outdoor thermometer. Put one outdoors and read it at the same time every day for two weeks. Keep a record of each day's temperature and a description of the weather each day (fair skies, rain, fog, snow, etc.).
  • b Build a weather vane. Record wind direction every day at the same hour for two weeks. Keep a record of the weather for each day.
  • c Make a rain gauge.
  • d Find out what a barometer is and how it works. Tell your den about it. Tell what 'relative humidity' means.
  • e Learn to identify three different kinds of clouds. Estimate their heights.
  • f Watch the weather forecast on TV every day for two weeks. Describe three different symbols used on weather maps. Keep a record of how many times the weather forecast is correct."