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Pack Trainer Award (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

  • Tenure Complete 2 years as a registered Pack Trainer
  • Training
    • 1 Fast Start training for the Pack Committee
    • 2 Complete New Leader Essentials and be familiar with and able to explain the key elements of Leader Specific Training for all volunteer positions in the pack.
    • 3 Complete Youth Protection Training
    • 4 Participate in a TDC.
  • Performance
    • 1 Participate in a Cub Scout leader Pow Wow or University of Scouting during each year of tenure for this award.
    • 2 Have Cub Scout Roundtable staff certify your attendance for at least 30% of the roundtables during each year of your tenure for this award.
    • 3 Attain 100% trained leadership within the pack for the committee chairman, Cubmaster and all the den leaders.
    • 4 Have a working plan in place for delivering Fast Start training to new leaders within 48 hours of their joining your pack.
    • 5 Have a working plan in place for helping leaders who have not taken basic training to attend New Leader Essentials and leader specific training.
    • 6 Keep and update training records of all leaders in your pack.
    • 7 During the pack annual program planning meeting, be available to answer questions about training courses.
    • 8 Review ongoing pack leadership training status and provide leaders with updates on any available supplemental training.