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Daisy Bridge to Brownie Scouts (Girl Scout Troop)

To complete your final Daisy award, complete these TWO steps. Wear this award on your Brownie uniform.

  • 1 Pass it on-mentor younger girls: * a. Teach younger girls the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law * b. Tell younger Girls about the flower friends. Share which friend is your favorite and what you learned from her.
  • 2 Look Ahead-Spend some time with Girl Scout Brownies: * a. Say the Girl Scout Promise together, and then trade stories about living the Promise and the Law. What did you do as a Daisy? Were you friendly and helpful, or courageous and strong? What did the Brownies do? * b. Ask the Brownie Scouts to teach you their favorite Brownie song and then sing it together. * c. Ask the Brownies to show you their Journey awards? Ask them what they did to earn them. How did they make the world a better place?