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Red-Masks & Sculptures (Cub Scout Pack - Scouts Australia)

Complete ONE part from each section

  • 1 Paper:
    • a create a figure or scene using basic paper sculpture techniques such as cone and cylindrical forms, scoring, pleating, curving and cut surface.
    • b make 2 masks, 1 suitable for a cultural holiday or special occasion and 1 for a fancy dress ball.
    • c Make a papier mache mask to resemble yourself.
    • d make 2 drama masks, depicted "sad" and "glad" emotions.
  • 2 Clay and Carving:
    • a construct a coil pot from clay and decorate the outside with clay shapes joined to the outside surface.
    • b create a relief tile by sculpting a scene or design of your choice with three levels of modeling into the clay to show forms coming out and going into the tile surface.
    • c create 3 figures or animals from natural or plymer clay and arrange in a 3D scene mounted on a base.
    • d construct 2 pots using the press mould and the drape mould techniques.
  • 3 Construction and Appreciation:
    • a make a counter balanced mobile (a heavy weight on one side balanced by several smaller weights on the other side). Use 3 different materials and suspend from a ceiling or high place or from a ground base.
    • b create a 3D sculptural form to resemble a bird, animal or insect using natural or man-made materials. Explain how you used the tools and any glues in a safe way.
    • c visit an art gallery with your examiner. Choose one of your favorite sculptures, make a sketch and explain what you lie about the sculpture.
    • d find information about an Australian sculptor; explain how the sculptor works, the materials used and what you like about their work.