Find a Pack Achievement

Red-Literature (Cub Scout Pack - Scouts Australia)

  • 1 Read 10 books (different from the Level 1 badge), all by different authors, and approved or recommended by your local librarian or school teacher.
  • 2 Write an original story or episode involving the characters in one of the books you have read.
  • 3 Visit your local or school library and explain: * a. the way in which books are catalogued. * b. how to locate four books from different categories using the library's information retrieval system. * c. How to use dictionaries, encyclopedias, computer software or Internet connections in the library reference section to research a subject of your choice.
  • 4 Choose ONE of the following:
    • a write a thank you letter to someone who helped you or your Pack with an activity or gave you a gift.
    • b write a short play based on a theme of your choice.
    • c write a description of two books listed in the year's "Book Week Awards".
    • d draw a page illustration for one of the story books you have read.