Find a Pack Achievement

Red-Handcraft (Cub Scout Pack - Scouts Australia)

Complete 3 projects, each 1 from a different category:

  • 1 Fibre
    • 1 Weave material for a placemat, a table runner or small bag from your choice of fibre and using a basic frame or weaving loom.
    • 2 Make a paper cut-out stencil design to screen print or brush on with fabric paint onto fabric such as a t-shirt, jeans or pillowcase.
    • 3 Knit or crochet an article using 2 basic knitting or crochet stitches or "french knitting". Show how you did the knitting or crochet.
    • 4 Use knots and twines of your choice to make a net for using in the garden or fishing.
    • 5 Make an item using a sewing machine or with hand sewing.
  • 2 Wood or Metal
    • 1 Make a functional item such as a patterned chopping board, bookends, weather vane or a lidded box with 2 different types of wood using the appropriate tools and glues.
    • 2 Design and construct a box or toy using a dowel joint, hammer, saw, drill and planer if required, in a safe manner.
    • 3 Punch or cut out a design of your choice in 3 tin cans or metal cylinders that can be used as candle lanterns.
  • 3 Plastic or Leather
    • 1 Make a pouch or purse with a drawstring or flap from plastic, acetate or vinyl.
    • 2 Make a leather belt using leather stamps and leather paint to create a design along the belt.
    • 3 Construct an intricate plastic medel using a kit.
  • 4 International Pursuit
    • 1 Make 2 examples of festive handcraft and talk abou the cultures that use them and why.
    • 2 Collect pictures and/or craft works from the 3 different countries. Make 1 example of a craft and explain the function or use.
    • 3 Find out where traditional indigenous crafts are made in your area or in a Pacific region. If possible, visit a location to see the handcrafts being made. Make an example of one from your visit or from a book and explain the function or use.