Find a Pack Achievement

Green-Cooking (Cub Scout Pack - Scouts Australia)

  • 1 Discuss the basic rules of hygiene and safety in the kitchen and show how you know how to put them into practice.
  • 2 Get your own breakfast consisting of at least one hot dish and including a drink. Wash up and put away the dishes and leave the food preparation area clean and tidy afterwards.
  • 3 Do any 3 of the following:
    • a. prepare and cook two vegetables for the family evening meal.
    • b. cook a batch of scones, pikelets or cakes.
    • c. cook something on a BBQ.
    • d. make an uncooked biscuit or slice.
    • e. prepare and cook a two-course lunch for yourself and an adult.
    • f. prepare your favorite recipe.