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Grey Wolf Award (Cub Scout Pack - Scouts Australia)

  • 1 Complete Gold Boomerang
  • 2 Participate in a minimum of 4 outdoor activities. (In the past year) a. One must be an overnight camp b. One must be an interpack activity c. Using a map- plan and lead a BUSHWAL of a least 2 hours with your Leader and a group of 3-6 Cub Scouts. Make sure everyone has appropriate equipment, clothing, food and a personal first aid kit.
  • 3 Attend 2 Pack Councils (in the past year).
    • a. Date
    • b Date
  • 4 Complete 4 Level 2 Achievement Badges including one from each Badge Category.
    • a. Level 2 Arts & Literature Badge
    • b Level 2 Nature, Science & Technology Badge
    • c Level 2 Sports & Recreation Badge
    • d Level 2 Our World Badge
  • 5 Complete one Special Interest Badge
    • a Badge Name
  • 6 Develop and present a resource for your Six or pack based on your understanding of the Jungle Book. Some suggestions are a game (active, board or card), a skit or play, puppets or a booklet or a shoe box diorama.