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Marine Animals (Girl Scout Troop)

  • 1 *Go to an aquarium, go online, or go to the library and take out a book and identify at least 3 marine animals
  • 2 Pick out your favorite marine animal and learn at least 10 facts about this animal.
  • 3 Find out whether all marine animals are warm blooded and what it means.
  • 4 Find out about several careers that are involved with marine animals and the educational requirements needed for these careers.
  • 5 Read a ?ctional book on a marine animal. Brownies might like Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, or Dolphins at Daybreak (Magic Tree House series).
  • 6 Draw a picture of your favorite marine animal or make a marine animal out of clay or Play-Doh.
  • 7 Find out about an endangered marine animal and what you can do to help save this endangered species
  • 8 Find out what marine animals eat and how they care for their young.
  • 9 Make a collage of all different kinds of marine animals
  • 10 Talk with a marine biologist or maybe someone who works with marine animals.