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Animal Helpers (Girl Scout Troop)

Discover all the ways animals are a part of our lives. How many different ways that they serve humans did you learn?

  • 1. Explore the connection between humans and animals Learn about how strong the connection between animals and humans are. Do one: a. Find out how views of animals have changed over the centuries. b. Watch a documentary series on the human-animal connection c. Show how animals helped at key points in history.
  • .2. Find out how animals help keep people safe Animals have all kinds of roles in keeping us safe. Take time to explore a few of them. Do one: a. Check out a safety team that uses animals b. Talk to a trainer c. Read stories about animal heroes
  • 3. Know how animals help people emotionally Find out from different sources what they think about how animals effect people. Do one: a. Talk to a vet or psychologist b. Visit an organization that uses animals to help people emotionally c. Interview at least five pet owners
  • 4. Check out how animals help people wit disabilities Learn about how many different types of animals besides dogs can be used to help people. Do one: a. Talk to someone who trains assistance animals b. Speak to someone who has an assistance animal c. Research the pros and cons of training assistance animals
  • 5. Look at how animals might help us in the future Learn what we as people can learn from animals. Do one: a. Get a sense of different animals' unique skills and abilities b. Talk to an animal expert at a zoo or university c. Practice being a scientist