Find a Troop Cadette Badge

Night Owl (Girl Scout Troop)

Cadettes turn off the electricity and turn on your senses. Go out into the night and see if what you experience challenges what you know about the world after the sun goes down.

  • 1. Take a field trip to explore the night Take a trip, maybe even overnight to a center of some kind that can help you learn more. Do one: a. Share night art b. Get into nightlife c. Go solar (or lunar or extraterrestrial)
  • 2. Tour your world after dark Go outside and explore the world around you in the dark. Make a journal of some kind, audio, video, or paper of what you experience. Do one: a. Tour your neighborhood at night b. Visit a park, trail, lake, stream or other natural environment c. Visit a place that's open 24 hours
  • 3. Meet people who work night hours Find out what it is like to be working while everyone else is sleeping. Do one: a. Be a investigative reporter b. Take part in the night shift c. Create a photo essay
  • 4. Explore nature at night Some things can only be seen at night. Become more familiar with the natural world after dark. Do one: a. Examine the night sky b. Create a nocturnal animal c. sketch a landscape plan for your own "midnight garden"
  • 5. Host an "Extreme Nighttime" party Have a nighttime or slumber party! Do one: a. A "night" activity for younger Girl Scouts b. A "Power Down" night c. A nighttime legend