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Readyman Badge (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

  • Do all of these:
    • 1 With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Courage Character Connection. Know: Define the importance of each courage step: Be strong; Be calm; Be clear; Be careful. Explain how memorizing the courage steps helps you to be ready. Commit: Explain why it is hard to follow the courage steps in an emergency. Tell when you can use the courage steps in other situations (such as standing up to a bully, avoiding fights, being fair, not stealing or cheating when tempted, etc.) Practice: Act out one of the requirements using these courage steps: Be strong; Be calm; Be clear; Be careful.
    • 2 Explain what first aid is. Tell what you should do after an accident.
    • 3 Explain how you can get help quickly if there is an emergency in your home. Make a "help list" of people or agencies that can help you if you need it. Post it near a phone or in another place with easy access.
    • 4 Demonstrate the Heimlich maneuver and tell when it is used.
    • 5 Show what to do for these "hurry cases": Serious bleeding, Stopped breathing, Internal poisoning, Heart attack.
    • 6 Show how to treat shock.
    • 7 Show first aid for the following: Cuts and scratches, Burns and scalds, Choking, Blisters on the hand and foot, Tick bites. Bites and stings of insects other than ticks, Poisonous snakebite, Nosebleed, Frostbite, Sunburn.
    • 8 Tell what steps must be taken for a safe swim with your Webelos den, pack, family, or other group. Explain the reasons for the buddy system.
  • And do two of these:
    • 9 Explain six safety rules you should follow when "driving" a bicycle.
    • 10 Explain the importance of wearing safety equipment when participating in sports activities (skating, skateboarding, etc.)
    • 11 Make a home fire escape plan for your family.
    • 12 Explain how to use each item in a first aid kit.
    • 13 Tell where accidents are most likely to happen inside and around your home.
    • 14 Explain six safety rules you should remember when riding in a car.
    • 15 Attend a first aid demonstration at a Boy Scout troop meeting, a Red Cross center, or other community event or place.