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Artist Badge (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

  • 1 Talk to an artist in your area or to your art teacher about the different occupations in the art field. Make a list of them.
  • 2 Create a scrapbook (portfolio) of your Artist activity badge projects and show it to your den leader.
  • do five of these:
    • 3 Draw or paint an original picture out-of-doors, using the art materials you prefer. Frame the picture for your room or home.
    • 4 List the primary and secondary colors. Explain what happens when you combine colors.
    • 5 Using a computer, make six original designs using straight lines, curved lines, or both.
    • 6 Draw a profile of a member of your family.
    • 7 Use clay to sculpt a simple object.
    • 8 Make a mobile, using your choice of materials.
    • 9 Make an art construction, using your choice of materials.
    • 10 Create a collage that expresses something about you.
    • 11 While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Academics belt loop for Art.