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Tennis Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Tennis belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  • 1 Compete in a pack or community tennis tournament.
  • 2 Demonstrate your knowledge of the use and care of the equipment needed to play tennis (rackets, balls, shoes, clothing, and court).
  • 3 Practice for 30 minutes in up to two practice sessions developing forehand techniques through forehand bump-ups with a bounce, partner bump-ups with a target, forehand alley rally, forehand alley rally over a "net," drop-hit forehand bumps, drop-hit catch in pairs, and toss-hit catch in pairs.
  • 4 Practice developing serving skills for 30 minutes in up to two practice sessions.
  • 5 Explain to your leader or adult partner how to score in tennis.
  • 6 Accurately draw, label, and explain a tennis court layout.
  • 7 Play five games of tennis using U.S. Tennis Association rules.
  • 8 Participate in a tennis skills development clinic.
  • 9 Attend a high school, college, or professional tennis meet.
  • 10 Present to your den or family a report on the history of tennis.