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Kickball Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Kickball belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  • 1 Demonstrate the following kickball skills: pitching, kicking, base running, catching, throwing.
  • 2 Explain the rules of base running.
  • 3 Describe the basic defensive positions in kickball (pitcher, catcher, infielder).
  • 4 Draw a kickball field to scale; include the starting defensive positions.
  • 5 Report to your den or family about the similarities between the rules of baseball and kickball.
  • 6 Explain the role of being the captain of a kickball team.
  • 7 Play five games of kickball using basic rules.
  • 8 Help set up a kickball field for a game.
  • 9 Serve as a referee for one game of kickball.
  • 10 Participate in a pack, school, or community kickball tournament or a supervised kickball league.