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Basketball Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Basketball belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  • 1 Compete in a pack or community basketball tournament.
  • 2 Demonstrate effective passing using the chest pass, bounce pass, over-the-head pass, and baseball pass.
  • 3 Successfully demonstrate the set shot and jump shot shooting styles.
  • 4 Demonstrate skill in the following dribbling techniques: high dribble, low dribble, turnable dribble, change-of-pace dribble, and combination dribble.
  • 5 On three different occasions, spend at least 30 minutes developing individual defensive skills.
  • 6 Explain and demonstrate 10 official basketball signals.
  • 7 Play three shot-improving games with a member of your den or team.
  • 8 Play five games of basketball.
  • 9 Participate in a basketball clinic.
  • 10 Attend a high school, college, or professional basketball game.