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Photography Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Photography belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  • 1 Using pictures, explain what photography is and how it relates to light and picture-taking.
  • 2 Look at a book of published photos about a subject that interests you. Find out what makes these photos remarkable and why people want to look at these pictures. Learn whether the photographer used light or angles to make the photos interesting. Discuss what you learned with an adult.
  • 3 Explain to an adult what “red eye” is and why it can happen in a picture. Show examples.
  • 4 Make a short video of a friend, family member, or pet, and show it to your den or family.
  • 5 With an adult’s help, use a photo-editing software feature to crop, lighten or darken, and change a photo.
  • 6 Make a creative project using at least one photo.
  • 7 Take three pictures of the same scene using different lens settings. Show these pictures to your den or family.
  • 8 Visit an art exhibit that features photography. Write a list of some of the things you saw and felt during your visit.
  • 9 Demonstrate how to use a light meter and manually set the aperture (lens opening) on a camera.
  • 10 Print and develop a picture from a film negative.
  • 11 Read about a famous photographer and tell his or her story to your den. Explain why he or she is famous or admired.