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Pet Care Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Pet Care belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

  • 1 With an adult, develop a plan for someone to care for your pet if you were to be away for one week.
  • 2 Train your pet to do a trick or follow a simple command.
  • 3 Describe how your pet communicates with you and other animals.
  • 4 Observe or play with your pet for 15 minutes each day for one week. Keep a chart that shows your pet’s mood on each day.
  • 5 Attend a pet show. Report to your den about the show.
  • 6 Make a drawing of the cage or bed your pet requires. Describe the important parts of it.
  • 7 Visit an animal shelter. Explain the reasons why pets are in the animal shelter to your den or family.
  • 8 Visit a pet store. Make a list of the different animals in the store and the kinds of foods they eat.
  • 9 Talk to a veterinarian about his or her career. Share what you learned with your den or family.
  • 10 Tell three ways that animals can help people.
  • 11 Do a service project for an animal shelter, exercise an elderly person’s pet, or help a friend with the care of his or her pet.
  • 12 Find out about the pets of U.S. presidents while they lived at the White House. Tell your den about one president and his pet(s).