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Language & Culture Pin (Cub Scout Pack (BSA))

Earn the Language and Culture belt loop, and complete seven of the following requirements:

  • 1 Earn the BSA Interpreter Strip.
  • 2 Write the numbers 1-10 in Chinese or another number system other than the one we normally use (we use the Arabic system).
  • 3 Visit an embassy, consulate, or chargé d'affaires for another country.
  • 4 Make a display of stamps or postcards of another country. Explain the importance or symbolism of the things depicted to that country's culture.
  • 5 Learn 30 words in a language other than your own. Practice saying these words with your den or an adult family member.
  • 6 Learn a song in another country's language. Sing the song for your den or an adult family member, and then tell what the words mean.
  • 7 Say five words in American Sign Language. One of these words could be your first name.
  • 8 Visit a restaurant that specializes in recipes from another country.
  • 9 Watch a TV show or movie in a foreign language. Tell how easy or difficult it was to understand what was happening.
  • 10 With your parent's or adult partner's permission, interview an interpreter. Find out what his or her job is like.
  • 11 Make a list of 30 things around your home that were made in another country.
  • 12 Read a book or story about an immigrant to the United States.